Pegasus for all

Pegasus is a collaboration between Adventure Neighground and BrainHealthBreakthrough, providing support to children and adults who suffer from any sort of impairment to their wellbeing, from learning difficulties leading to anxiety and low confidence, to behavioural issues. We tailor our support to the individual and it may include one-to-one Equine Facilitated Learning, small group sessions,  training in UK Rural Skills courses, work experience etc and is complimented by curriculum support for pupils attending as an alternative to classroom based learning.

Our video illustrates the variety of clients we work with, along with their comments on the outcomes.

Pegasus For Pupils

We offer day and half-day regular placements for pupils who are not thriving in school. The complete change of location and learning style acts as a circuit breaker on behavioural issues, with pupils engaging in learning in a very practical format. We supplement that with theory for the UK Rural Skills courses which they will study, and also with any curriculum materials provided by the school so that the pupil does not miss key learning points due to being here.

Pegasus for Adults

Our experience in working with a wide range of adults has resulted in outcomes such as:-

  • empowerment to make clearer decisions
  • improved confidence
  • physical mobility improvement
  • greater enjoyment in life
  • referrals to additional specialist therapies, agencies and support
  • return to work
  • improved motivation

We have experience of successful outcomes with people who have brain injury and limited physical mobility, anxiety, stress and depression, learning difficulties, trauma, low confidence etc. Although we are very clear that we do not provide talking therapy, the creation of a safe supportive space in which the person is accepted and respected while engaging with the horses has proven hugely effective in helping them to regain confidence and joy.