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About Adventure Neighground

About Adventure Neighground


The Neighground is what you probably guessed it is – a playground for horses!
There are a variety of obstacles to tackle, either in-hand or ridden. All obstacles can easily be bypassed, and each one can be tackled in a variety of ways. Our clients amaze us with their imagination and always seem to come up with yet another way to work with what we provide!

Examples of obstacles include a rocker bridge, over-head dangling objects, a tyre maze and a step. There are always over a dozen different obstacles available, and all are achievable by any size of horse or pony. We recommend that all horses are allowed to explore the Neighground in-hand first, and for many people this is enough of a challenge for the first few sessions. It is also a great place to bring a youngster who hasn’t seen very much, or a horse who doesn’t go out to shows/events for whatever reason. A elderly retired competition horse will love the thrill of getting into the trailer and going out again!

Most people hire an hour on the Neighground, but there are various add-on options available.

  • Arena hire – hire our 20 by 40 m sand and fibre arena –
  • empty for groundwork and liberty training,
  • with obstacles to prepare and practice before the Neighground,
  • or with jumps for variety. (We can provide poles and a variety of pole-work exercises which can be done in-hand or ridden)
  • depending on the season and the fields, we may also offer a 60 by 20m grass dressage arena or a set of working hunter jumps on grass – you can even put the poles on the ground and lead your horse over them. Why not? It’s about the experience and the fun, not the size of the jumps.

We take a maximum of 4 horses in one booking.
One horse for one hour is £15
For each additional horse, or hour (this could be the arena, field with jumps etc) add on another £5

Other facilities on-site include a brew-room with tea, coffee etc provided and a microwave for reheating your lunch on cold days and toilet facilities. We are next door to Green Haworth Golf Club which has a bar and serves hot meals on weekends through the summer (lunchtime only).

Finally, as we are directly on a bridleway, you can end your day with a hack or an in-hand walk, ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, almost entirely off road.

You can get a sneak preview of one obstacle – the Big Tyre in the video below.