For many people, owning a horse just isn’t practical or possible, but they yearn for the bonding experience, the unique power of working at liberty with a horse and just to… smell the animals!

  • Meeting and greeting a horse
  • Controlling a horse through body movement
  • Grooming, equine massage and ‘buddying up’ with a horse
  • Arena work, including working at liberty, ‘join-up’ and controlling a horse at a distance using only your body language
  • Herd observation – peaceful guided observation of herd dynamics and what we can learn from horses. All sessions are on-to-one. We do not work with groups.
  • Horse Agility
    Each session is tailored to you personally, whether you want to re-energise through activity, de-stress through mindful observation of yourself and the horses or discover the power of your body language. Non-ridden sessions have a lot to offer to any person!

We are able to work with people who have difficulties with mobility etc. Being in a wheelchair is fully accepted, and we have clients referred by Occupational Health professionals. Work with these folk is the same as above. Carers are welcome, and if interested, carers (or any health professionals) are invited for a one to one session for themselves to fully understand the physical and mental processes that are going on.

We want you to forget any stigma of mental health illnesses and instead to grow your wellness. Cast aside the notion that horses need to be ridden, or a certain age, or size, or type in order to be useful. Ignore the public perception that horses are in some way for people who have money, or the elite, or that ‘horsey people’ have a way of doing things. Don’t imagine for one moment that you are going to be spending your time mucking out stables.

This is more.

Much more.

This is communicating with horses on a deeper level. Tapping into their ancient mammalian brain to access the CARE and PLAY emotions. And we have those same emotions. So do dogs, cats, gorillas, lemurs – if it is a mammal, it has them! As you start to activate that part of the horse brain, it is reciprocated in your own brain.

Emotions of nurture and joy – smothered by the niceties of being polite, behaving like a ‘grown up’, responsibilities of life – the base emotions start to come to the surface and YOU start to feel cared for, nurtured, and you loosen the shackles as we sing, dance, play, connect and move with the horse. It’s liberating and scary, makes you laugh or maybe even release emotions and cry, but we are all in it together out there in the arena. Supporting, growing and learning together.

This isn’t just about learning about horses, it’s about learning to rejoice in the world around you and in yourself.