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Experience Sessions

Experience Sessions

For many people, owning a horse just isn’t practical or possible, but they yearn for the bonding experience, the unique power of working at liberty with a horse and just to… smell the animals!

Our unique Experience Sessions mean that everyone can experience the joy and connection of horses. We have two horses specially chosen for this.

Dolly – herd leader, the veteran of the yard, this little mare likes to see how far she can boss you about. She will frisk you for treats, enjoys a good scratch and is a specialist at teaching people to experience long reining.

Dylan – the sensitive Welsh cob who came to us as uncatchable and nervous. He trains people to control their own energy levels, shows you how to bond with a horse and will astound you with his level of trust.

Our sessions are either 1 or 2 hours long.

Typically they can include some of the following:-

  • Meeting and greeting a horse
  • Controlling a horse through body movement
  • Grooming, equine massage and ‘buddying up’ with a horse
  • Arena work, including working at liberty, ‘join-up’ and controlling a horse at a distance using only your body language
  • Herd observation – peaceful guided observation of herd dynamics and what we can learn from horsesAll sessions are on-to-one. We do not work with groups.
  • Horse Agility
    Each session is tailored to you personally, whether you want to re-energise through activity, de-stress through mindful observation of yourself and the horses or discover the power of your body language. Non-ridden sessions have a lot to offer to any person!

Price £25 per hour