Saturdays 1 – 3pm

3rd July – 7th August 2021

Ethics – the branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions, and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.

Horsemanship -the art, ability, skill or manner of a horseman


Ethical Horsemanship is an innovative new course that examines and discusses the rightness and wrongness of the actions of being around, training and keeping horses.

By looking at scientific evidence which gives us clear indications of a horse’s level of comfort or anxiety, we can start to piece together ways of working with and training a horse that are better for the horse –  effective, humane and respectful.

Each session will leave you with ideas and evidence, examples and work to do with your own horse if you have one, but horse ownership is not a requirement. The course is equally suitable for a non horse owner, or someone about to start into horse ownership.  It does not require any previous knowledge.

The course is held over 6 sessions each of 2 hours, all onsite at Adventure Neighground in our newly refurbished training room. Each session can be attended on its own, though as a set they compliment and flow together to give the bigger picture of horsemanship. Along with talks and discussion, there will be observation of horses, demonstrations of principles and behaviours. You will go away with resources, further reading recommendations and ideas to work on.

The number of spaces is strictly limited.


Saturday 3rd July – Session 1 Horse Welfare – evaluating it to include psychological and emotional comfort, looking at different protocols used, and considering the wider context of horse welfare worldwide.

Saturday 10th July – Session 2 The Brain – how we take in information, the differences between our brain and that of the horse, the polyvagal theory and relaxation

Saturday 17th July -Session 3 Learning methods applied to the horse – operant learning, conditioning, flooding and desensitisation

Saturday 24th July -Session 4 Equine communication – herd behaviour and why the pecking order does not apply, subtle signs from the horse to the human

Saturday 31st July Session 5 Clicker training – the good and the bad – a powerful tool often misused

Saturday 7th August – Session 6 Enriching the life of the horse

Costs and Booking

The cost is £40 per session, or book the whole set of 6 sessions at a discount rate of £200

Book by contacting us on 07712226084, by email or through our facebook page.


Coming up later in the year…

A second course on Horsemanship will launch in the autumn, developing the ideas further with more hands on work on various work that can be done with the horse. This will include liberty work, basic groundwork shapes and patterns to build confidence suppleness and communication, bodywork and horse agility.


About the Trainer.

Kathryn is a very experienced teacher and educator, with a talent for breaking down difficult concepts into easily understood chunks, using humour and anecdotes, theory and principles blended together into enjoyable learning events.