This training course aims to give trainees knowledge, understanding and basic skills in equine nutrition. This course is about planning and implementing suitable diets for horses. You will gain an understanding of the effects of different nutrient groups on the horse’s body and identify how these can be provided to horses that have differing needs. This involves comparing the nutritional content of feedstuffs and formulating rations for horses in varying levels of work, at different stages of life and with specific nutritional needs. You will be able to recognise common dietary problems seen in horses resulting from poor nutrition or an unbalanced diet. Implementation of safe and efficient feeding regimes is also incorporated. You will need to be fully aware of the importance of health, safety and animal welfare in connection with this activity. The length of training may vary depending on the objectives covered, the ratio of trainee/instructor and the ability and previous experience of the trainees. The delivery of training covers a mix of both theory and practical elements.

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