You  may book with us through a variety of means of contact.

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Terms of hire

We operate on an equine welfare basis. We welcome non-ridden horses equally with ridden.

Helmets must be worn, along with suitable riding footwear and gloves for riders.

You may ride bitless or with a bit. The saddle and bridle/halter must fit. The saddle should be fitted to both horse and rider. The choice of tack is wide, with the main focus being on harmony without force.
Nosebands, if used, should have a gap of two fingers width between the noseband and the nasal bone.
Whips are to be used to tap only. Abuse of the whip will not be tolerated.

Constant kicking is not permitted. You may nudge your horse with your leg, and reinforce with a tap of the whip.

Spurs are discouraged. They may only be used by riders with an independent seat and leg, should only be used for mild pressure and there is to be no damage to the skin or coat.

Weight limits. If you went to a riding school or trekking centre they would ask your weight. We do not do that, however we do operate a limit on the load carried by the horse. As contained within the BHS guidance (Rider weight guidance 2017) the rider weight alone should not be more than 18% of the horse’s weight. This assumes that the horse is of a correct weight. If the horse is overweight, then that extra load must be considered as past of the ‘load’ and a limit of 15% might be too much. In the case of heavy tack (eg some western saddles) then the percentage should be lower. We do not propose to ask everyone their percentage, however we retain the right to ask in individual cases if we are concerned. We retain the right to ask you to dismount if we believe your weight to be in excess of 20% of the horse’s weight.

Clubs and Visiting trainers are required to follow the above terms. They may be requested to evidence how they are achieving this. We may request their monitoring and assessment procedures, and outcomes for individuals if we are concerned.

Do not shout at your horse while on the yard. We reserve shouting for an emergency situation. Not only are you likely to upset the resident horses, but you are likely to get several people running over to  you to find out what the emergency is and how to help.

Every horses’ welfare on our facilities is our concern. From an injury to how they are handled.

Failure to comply with the terms of hire will result in being asked to leave, with no refund.