This training course aims to give trainees knowledge, understanding and basic skills in the regular grooming and cleaning of horses and the daily and weekly cleaning of tack and horse clothing. Cleaning includes washing and brushing of horses, and care of leather and metal work. The delivery of training covers a mix of both theory and practical elements.

By the end of the course you will be able to:-

  • Know how to assist with maintaining control of the horse whilst grooming
  • Be able to identify different types of grooming equipment
  • Be able to groom a horse safely using different grooming techniques
  • Be able to clean and maintain saddlery and tack
  • Be able to inspect tack and equipment for signs of wear
  • Be able to clean and store grooming equipment
  • Be able to store tack and equipment safely

Course accredited by UK Rural Skills

Duration 1 day

Minimum age 13 years

Group size maximum 6


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