This training course aims to give trainees knowledge, understanding and basic skills in carrying out routine care and monitoring the health and welfare of horses. It covers the routine monitoring of horses’ physical condition and behaviour, the recognition of the signs of ill-health and lameness, the nursing of sick horses and the provision of routine treatments. It also covers in the routine preparation and cleaning of stables for horses. The delivery of training covers a mix of both theory and practical elements.

On completion you will be able to:-Know relevant animal health and welfare and health and safety legislation and codes of practice

  • Be able to carry out routine care of horses
  • Know the stable environment and conditions to ensure the safety and welfare of the horse
  • Know how to monitor horses’ health and welfare, physical condition and behaviour
  • Know how to provide clear and accurate information for recording purposes

Duration 1 day

Minimum age 12 years

Group size maximum 6

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